'All Paths Lead to Him' - Savannah Gouveia, Year 6 St Francis of Assisi Warrawong

St Francis of Assisi Warrawong Year 6 Savannah Gouveia

All Paths Lead to Him
Savannah Gouveia
St Francis Of Assisi Catholic Primary School, Warrawong
Year 6

My artwork drew inspiration from the Scripture Matthew 2:9-12, The Visit of the Magi. This scripture is about the kings following the star of Bethlehem until they reached above where Jesus had been born. I started with the star because when I think about Christmas, I think about the placing of the star on top of my Christmas tree. This process is special to my family, from there I made a connection with the story of the Magi. 

The northern and southern points of the star are joined by a light blue swirl, the light blue symbolising the peaceful journey to Jesus and the trust they placed in the instructions of Herod. However, when the Magi left Jesus, they needed to take another path, represented by the darker blue swirl. The dark blue is a serious colour that represents authority and intelligence. The threat to Jesus was serious, and their actions were inspired by God's message of intelligence. Finally, the background is a blend of colours that fill me with love and warmth, while the white borders depict the various paths we must journey on throughout our lives, surrounded by the love and hope of reaching Jesus one day.

St Francis of Assisi Warrawong Year 6 Savannah Gouveia2

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