'The Voyage' - Mia Hanna, Year 5 St Pius X Unanderra

St Pius X Unanderra Year 5 Mia Hanna

The Voyage
Mia Hanna

St Pius X Catholic Primary School, Unanderra 
Year 5

My artwork is inspired by the Bible passage ‘The Birth of Jesus and the Three Magi.’  Here we are envisioning the long and toilsome journey of the three Magi arriving at Bethlehem, where they witness the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. This artwork inspires us to chase after our beliefs even if we are uncertain, as God will light the path. My artwork is a mix between the past and the present, all held in a traditional church.

I have two colourful stained glass windows displayed on the sides of an opening showing a representation of the three wise men on camelback, following a bright star guiding them to baby Jesus in the stables. My artwork contains many different mediums and techniques. I used acrylic paint, pencils, markers, dot painting tools and pastel coloured paper. I used the acrylic paint to outline the stained glass windows and the opening in the centre. I have inserted pastel coloured paper within the windows to show the light shining through the stained glass. Dot painting tools are used to create the stars and the markers were used for the bricks and outlining.

 Mia Louise Sartor

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