'Entrance of Holy Faith' - Tori Gearside, Year 6 St Michael's Thirroul

St Michael s Thirroul Year 6 Tori Gearside

2022 Year 6 Highly Commended

Entrance of Holy Faith
Tori Gearside

St Michael’s Catholic Parish Primary School, Thirroul
Year 6

‘The Annunciation’ (Luke 1:26-36) inspired my artwork. An almighty angel, big and bright, shone over the stars to the Virgin Mary, chosen of faith and of the Holy Spirit. He asked her to be the mother of Jesus. Confused and surprised, she questions in her head if this is really happening. A supportive ‘yes’ gently whispers from her lips. Realising what she has to give up but through her compassion she is happy with her choices, she’s with God and in God’s heart. Taking on this journey, Mary is strengthened by her faith. 

Mary has held her family tightly in her heart, just as I do. My family helps me take on new challenges and journeys. Similarly, Mary’s faith and trust in her God helped her through her challenges. My reason for choosing the Annunciation is because I see new challenges as an opportunity for new beginnings. My  inspiration came from artists such as Joos van Cleve’s interpretation of ‘The Annunciation’. My intention is to share the message of taking opportunities and never giving up on something you're passionate about.

St Michael s Thirroul Year 6 Tori Gearside2

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