'Reflection of the Annunciation' - Zoey Van Moolenbroek, Year 6 St John's Dapto

St John s Dapto Year 6 Zoey Van Moolenbroek


Reflection of the Annunciation
Zoey Van Moolenbroek
St John’s Catholic Primary School, Dapto 
Year 6

‘Reflection of the Annunciation’ is inspired by the scripture Luke 1:26-38. The Annunciation is the story of how God asked Mary to be the mother of Jesus by sending the Angel Gabriel to visit her. 

My artwork shows Mary surprised at the sight of the Angel Gabriel in the water’s reflection. I imagined that Gabriel came to her whilst she was doing her daily chores like fetching water from the well. The illusion of depth in the well reflects the depth of surprise that Mary would have experienced. Her image being upside down symbolises how her life would have been turned upside down by the request from God. I also wanted people to get a sense of strength as Mary needed to be strong to overcome her surprise and to put her faith in the Angel and God. 

I chose the mediums of acrylic paint and coloured pencils to try and create a 3D perspective and sense of texture. I was inspired by my Pop whose artworks also portray a mixture of different colours and textures.

Luke’s scripture inspires me to learn to always trust in God even if I don’t understand the reasoning for things. It shows that even normal people like Mary can be chosen and do great things if they have faith in God.

St John s Dapto Year 6 Zoey Van Moolenbroek2

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