Christmas Story Art Instructional Videos

Looking for Christmas Story Art inspiration or direction? Have a look our series of instructional videos and presentation slides below to help guide students in their artistic processes for the Christmas Story Art Competition and Exhibition.

View the videos separately below, or you can view them in our Instructional Video YouTube Playlist here.

Lectio Divina with Jill Taylor

In this video, Jill guides a Lectio Divina as a preparation for the artistic process inviting all to reflect in a personal way with the scripture of Advent and Christmas.


Eternal Treasures Tutorial with Joshua Charadia

In this video Joshua shares his artistic process and written reflection in a still life artwork using coloured pencils. Joshua also shares his reflective insights into the symbols of the Christmas event and the important meaning it has for him personally.


Light of Love, Faith and Hope with John Charadia

John takes on a symbolic artwork with acrylic paints expressing an understanding of three scriptural moments in the Christmas Story. In this integrated triptych, tinting, blending and brush skills are shared and John's reflection. This video illustrates what can be done when the original idea is abandoned and a new work emerges!


Drawing the Annunciation with Tracy Spanos

Tracy utilises an artwork and an image from a movie to compose a drawing portraying the annunciation. Coloured pencil technique and compositional skills are illustrated and Tracy shares her written reflection.


Heart Reflection with Jill Taylor

Jill continues to invite our prayerful engagement with the reflective and artistic process in this guided meditation.


The Gift with Amanda McPaul Browne

Amanda creates a meaningful acrylic painting expressing a conceptual understanding of the message of the Christmas Story. Compositional skills, brush technique, colour mixing and symbolic meaning are all shared through her artistic process.


Meeting God in Clay with Laura Wilson

Three-dimensional artworks are welcome in the Christmas Story Art Exhibition and Competition if they are submitted in 'documented form'. This means you can submit mounted photos of your 3D sculpture, but not the actual artwork. Laura describes her clay sculpture tools and techniques, materials and form, reflection and change of direction as she artistically processes her reflection on the scripture.


Christmas Story Written Reflection Guide with Jodie Micallef

View Jodie's slides guiding students through the Christmas Story artwork written reflection process below, or download them as a PDF here.