'A Gift For The World' — Sophie Malyn

St Thomas Aquinas Bowral Year 5 Sophie Malyn  

'A Gift For The World'
Sophie Malyn, Year 5
St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Parish Primary School, Bowral 

I chose to illustrate the birth of Jesus and the visit of the Magi. The birth of Jesus and the visit of the Magi are very important scripture passages because they mark the day the saviour was born. The visit of the Magi is significant because the gifts hold very important meaning and symbolism. Each aspect of my artwork has meaning and reflects the scripture passages.

I chose to draw in colour pencils because they come in many shades, and you can be as creative and realistic as you want. The hands gently joined together is my way of thinking about the relationship between Jesus and his mother which by extension reflects the connection between Christ and the world. The flowers go with the hands as a reminder of the delicacy and beauty of the connection between Jesus and his mother, Christ, and the world.

This comes from the first scripture passage, The Birth of Jesus. The star that led the Magi to the baby Jesus, is featured in my artwork as a way of expressing how Jesus is the guiding light that shows people the way. Finally, the gifts that were given by the magi proclaim who Jesus was to the people, a gift.

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