'An Unexpected Visitor' — Rose Gregoriou

St Pius X Unanderra Year 6 Rose Gregoriou  

'An Unexpected Visitor'
Rose Gregoriou, Year 6
St Pius X Catholic Parish Primary School, Unanderra

My artwork ‘An Unexpected Visitor’ is inspired by perception and perspective. We all have our own perception of the Annunciation, of what Mary and the angel looked like, of the setting and their expressions. My artwork represents how I view the Annunciation.

I created my artwork using watercolour paint. For the angel Gabriel I used vibrant colours to represent his ethereal appearance to make him stand out from the rest of the painting and catch the eye. Instead of a shadow like Mary, the angel has a luminous glow that affects the other shadows around it. I mixed white paint with the colour of the architecture to show this light.

The extravagant flowers, a lily and violet, that float between Mary and the angel are the flowers Gabriel gifted Mary during his visit.

I painted Mary in her known colour, blue for the virgin's purity. Mary is gazing up at the angel whilst holding a clay bowl.

In my artwork I included two authentic forms of imagery from Jesus’ time, the pots that sit to the right of the floor and arch windows, which were common architecture during his time period.

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