'Bold Men' — Nicholas Augustine

St Thomas More Ruse Year 6 Nicholas Augustine 

'Bold Men'
Nicholas Augustine, Year 6
St Thomas More Catholic Parish Primary School, Ruse

“Herod is about to search for the child, to destroy him.” (Matthew 2:13)

The Flight to Egypt contrasts two differing hearts of men, one wicked and greedy, the other virtuous and loving. King Herod was a corrupt ruler representing greed, while Joseph was a protective father displaying selflessness. Both of these men made bold, passionate, opposing decisions, their motivations could not have been more different.

I have modelled my portraits on International Cricket players, the Indian Captain, who is the arch nemesis of the Australian cricket team. My deliberate choice of alcohol markers to illustrate the subjects, draws on pop art style with strong lines reflecting the boldness of each man. I chose to collage behind each man their motivation in life, Herod’s need for gold and power, Joseph’s simpler life of a selfless carpenter, protecting his family above all else.

When I reflect on my life, I am the most passionate and confident on the cricket pitch. It is where I find courage under fire and a love for the game. Joseph shows us that strength does not need to be aggressive, I carry his example of courage with me out onto the pitch.

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