'God's Warning' — Amali Kumar

St Johns Dapto Year 6 Amali Kumar 

'God's Warning'
Amali Kumar, Year 6
St John's Catholic Parish Primary School, Dapto

Matthew 2:9-12 ‘And having been warned in a dream not to return to Herod, they left their own country by another road.’

The dramatic lightning in my artwork represents the dream that the Magi had about returning to Herod. It was a warning dream from God. The lightning and dark clouds represent the frightening nature of the dream. After the symbolic warning, the Magi returned home in a different way.

It was important to me to draw the viewer’s eye to the lightning and the words of the angel. The Magi’s journey to Bethlehem is a common artwork, so I wanted to make mine quite unique. I did this by creating symbolic lightning, dark clouds and words scattered throughout. I wanted the words to be a focal point.

I created my artwork digitally. I used lighter and softer colours on the Bethlehem side to represent the birth of Jesus. I used darker colours and the lightning strikes on the side of the Magi to symbolise the warning dream and message not to go back to Herod. I carefully placed the lightning to separate Bethlehem and the Magi’s dream.

When reading, The Visit of the Magi, I felt quite worried about the message from the dream. It’s incredible to think how different things could have been for Jesus if the Magi hadn’t listened to God’s message.

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