'Inviting Light' — Faith Minuto

St Clares Narellan Vale Year 6 Faith Minuto 

'Inviting Light'
Faith Minuto, Year 6
St Clare's Catholic Parish Primary School, Narellan Vale

My artwork is based on Matthew 2:9-12 The Visit of the Magi.

My title, ‘Inviting Light’ refers to the light that invited the Magi to be present, to stand and gaze at the Saviour, and is drawn from the perspective of the Magi. That same light invites us in to be witnesses to the scene.

I used various sized graphite pencils to capture the contrast of light and shadow. The light flows from the guiding star above, across the faces of Mary and Joseph to the baby Jesus and beyond to the Magi and to us. I imagine the light flowing from the Angels who will protect them as they begin the next part of their journey.

The overwhelming joy of the Magi is mirrored in the detailed, yet unembellished faces of Mary and Joseph. There is an intense but gentle gaze of Mary and Joseph as they look upon Jesus, proud of their baby, but fearful for Him, with Joseph protectively resting his hand over his son.

Using the artistic style of realism I wanted to portray a contemporary approach to a scene of intense love and security. I was reminded of times of such closeness with my own parents, wrapped in blankets reading or watching movies.

This is an artistic invitation to be present and have ‘Faith’, as my name suggests, that the light of the world is here.

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