'Mary and Her Baby' — Bella Lubrano

Stella Maris Shellharbour Yea r5 Bella Lubrano  

'Mary and Her Baby'
Bella Lubrano, Year 5
Stella Maris Catholic Parish Primary School, Shellharbour

My artwork is a portrait of Mary, cradling her precious new baby, based on the scripture, Luke 2: 3-5.

I can relate to this special time when a new baby is born, with the births of my cousin and niece. I was able to hold them tenderly in my arms and look intently at their tiny, perfect features, just as Mary gazed lovingly at her own son. A new baby symbolises new life and brings many families and people together to celebrate.

I was inspired by the artist, Bright Dankyi Mansah and his artwork, ‘Mother and Baby’. I used many colours with acrylic paint on canvas, to express the rainbow of Mary’s feelings and emotions. Mary’s garments are blue and purple which symbolises her holiness. Jesus is wrapped in gold, orange and amber to connect him with his mother Mary. The magenta tone which is swirling between mother and baby, symbolises the love between them.

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