'New Beginnings' — Emily King

St Michael s Mittagong Year 5 Emily King 

'New Beginnings'
Emily King, Year 5
St Michael's Catholic Parish Primary School, Mittagong

Jesus’ birth brought joy, hope and new beginnings to the world, something we need to hold onto now, as we experience new beginnings out of the world of lockdown.

My artwork is a modern adaptation of the biblical manuscript designs found in some of the early bibles. Those bibles, with ornate illustrations by the scribe, reflected the story of the text.

The colours in my manuscript artwork reflect the joy and light that Jesus brought to our world – Jesus is our light. The Magi play an important part of the illustration. The first Magi is adorned in a green robe, representing the growth and renewal of Jesus’ birth. The purple of the second Magi depicts the wealth of the Magi during the time of Jesus. The red of the third Magi represents that the life that Jesus lived was never over, he is in all our hearts and his courage is shown through his leadership and love.

I know that from our struggles with the Covid-19 pandemic, new things will emerge and positive changes for the world will be possible. In the same way, the birth of Jesus made new things possible, bringing love, hope and joy to all.

Listen to Emily's description of her artwork below...


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