'Olden Day Immigrants' — Caitlin Abela

St Joseph s Bulli Year 6 Caitlin Abela 

'Olden Day Immigrants'
Caitlin Abela, Year 6
St Joseph's Catholic Parish Primary School, Bulli

My artwork was inspired by The Flight to Egypt when Joseph rushed to flee to Egypt with Mary and the newborn baby Jesus. I chose this because it demonstrates the clear faith of Joseph and the strong trust of Mary. I decided on this scripture because it reminded me of Ahn Do who is a famous author and artist because he became an immigrant because he had to flee Vietnam during a war when he was young.

I chose to use watercolours for the background so I could blend, mix colours and layer. In my image, I have three birds which are symbolising Mary, Joseph and Jesus. The background colours behind them show their qualities, while inside the birds I used special symbols and patterns. Behind Mary the background is full of pinks symbolising her love, Joseph has blues to show his trust in God and Jesus sits on a purple wash to show his royalty and grace.

My artwork is meant to show the emotions, feelings and qualities of the family and portray the fact that you don’t need to be well known in society to follow the ways of our Lord and become truly special in God’s eyes.

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