'Protector of Creation' — Isla Belanszky

St Joseph s Bulli Year 6 Isla Belanszky 

'Protector of Creation'
Isla Belanszky, Year 6
St Joseph's Catholic Parish Primary School, Bulli

My artwork is inspired by ‘The Annunciation’ (Luke 1:26-38) where the Angel Gabriel appeared to Mary to tell her the news that she would conceive a son and he would be the Son of God.

To create my artwork I have used a variety of waste materials, rather than using all new art supplies, to create a mosaic of the Angel Gabriel. I have done this because in biblical times many people were poor, including Mary and Joseph, and they had to use whatever resources were available to them at the time. Sometimes these items would have been shared or found, after others had thrown them away. I would like my artwork to be a reminder to the viewer that to reduce, reuse and recycle is a conscious decision that can help economically and environmentally. Beautiful things can be created from discarded materials and beautiful messages are often given simply.

I have used white for the Angel to represent purity, goodness and hope, and the blue background symbolises responsibility, peace and honesty. Mary was scared when the Angel Gabriel appeared to her, and she needed to be strong to take on this responsibility for all of mankind.

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