'The Arrival' — William Jukes

Holy Cross Helensburgh Year 5 William Dukes 

'The Arrival'
William Jukes, Year 5
Holy Cross Catholic Parish Primary School, Helensburgh 

My artwork was inspired by an artist called Tanaka Tatsuya. He makes little scenes from everyday objects and then photographs them using tiny figurines. I like the way he makes us see these objects differently.

In my artwork I started with making a diorama made from a cardboard box and sand from the beach to create a landscape. I created a stable and used LED lights to create light. I used nativity figurines to create the scene of the Magi arriving at the stable in Bethlehem. I then cut out a viewing hole in the corner of the box and used a phone to take a photograph. I then used different filters on my iPad to create a digital image.

I chose the scripture about the Magi’s arrival because I could imagine how it must have felt after travelling such a long way to finally arrive at their destination. As their journey ended a new one began with the birth of Jesus. I wanted to show the landscape outside the stable as cold, dark and lonely but the light coming from inside as warm and hopeful.

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