'The End And The Beginning' — Matilda Jukes

Holy Cross Helensburgh Year 6Matilda Jukes  

'The End And The Beginning'
Matilda Jukes, Year 6
Holy Cross Catholic Parish Primary School, Helensburgh

For my artwork, I chose the passage ‘The Arrival Of The Magi’ from the scripture Matthew 2:1–12. This passage is about enlightenment.

My artwork depicts the Three Magi arriving at the end of a long, dark, emotional journey, which symbolises the world without God. The star is illuminating the night sky and guiding them out of the darkness and towards enlightenment and the warmth of God’s love.

My artwork was inspired by two very different artists; Eric Carle for his collages of colours and mixed media and the pointillism of Georges Seurat.

After painting the background, I used earthy shredded material to create the textured landscape and different coloured yarn to define the hills. For the sky, I used a black curly string with tiny bits of blue to give the sky depth. The barn is material and yarn with yellow yarn spilling from the door indicating the warmth and light coming from inside. For the Magi, I used brightly coloured materials to represent royalty and wealth. Finally, for the star, I used shiny metallic silver and gold string with gold material to create contrast against the night sky and the muted landscape.

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