'The Glowing Stable' — Noah Faavae

St Thomas Aquinas Bowral Year 5 Noah Faavae 

'The Glowing Stable'
Noah Faavae, Year 5
St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Primary School, Bowral 

The Birth of Jesus is a big part of Christian and Catholic faith. When it is Christmas, I set up a toy nativity set that displays the event of the birth of Jesus. I based my artwork on a lamb, in the stable on a dark and gloomy night that Jesus was born in. In the dark by itself the lamb is surrounded by a yellow glow from the star in this ordinary stable.

This scripture tells us about Christ's birth, and I often reflect on how long and challenging the journey would have been to get to Bethlehem. The yellow glow in this artwork shows how powerful and significant Jesus can be because it symbolises the star whose glowing light shines brightly. The star represents Jesus’ strength and his light and how it shone brightly. The main image of my artwork is the lamb. One of the reasons I drew a Lamb is because it fits with the saying that we are like sheep and God is our shepherd. Another reason for the lamb is that Jesus has qualities of a Lamb, he is soft and gentle towards others.

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