'The Journey of Life' — Liam Gospel

St Michael s Mittagong Year 5 Liam Gospel  

'The Journey of Life'
Liam Gospel, Year 5
St Michael's Catholic Parish Primary School, Mittagong

Gazing at the scene in my artwork I wonder, how did this moment in time…with the birth of Jesus, affect the life journey of so many others?

Inspiration for my artwork came from the scriptures Isaiah 9:6 “For us a child is born, a son if given”, and John 1:9-10, “The true light, which gives light to everyone, was coming into the world.”
These two scriptures talk about the birth of Jesus and the journey within each person, who travelled that night.

My art shows a scene of Joseph and Mary looking lovingly at baby Jesus. This scene reminds me of a photo of my Uncle and Aunty with my new baby cousin Evie, born this year. The melting of the foreground over the family, is like love spreading.

My night sky foreground was inspired by the famous painting ‘A Starry Night’ by Vincent Van Gogh with the Star of Bethlehem the focus, shining its light over the newborn. I used a layered design where the background includes hand drawn mandalas, inspired by stained glass windows at church. These mandalas represent the circle of life and the journey that I am part of.

Listen to Liam's description of his artwork below...


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