'The Journey' — Solange De Sousa

Stella Maris Shellharbour Year 5 Solange DeSousa 

'The Journey'
Solange De Sousa, Year 5
Stella Maris Catholic Parish Primary School, Shellharbour

I chose the Journey to Bethlehem Luke 2:3-5. This scripture is about Mary and Joseph, who travelled from Nazareth to Bethlehem, to Joseph’s home town to be counted for the Census.

I can relate to their pilgrimage, as my family moved from South Africa to Australia for my Dad’s work. When we moved to Australia it was quite hard for us because we had never been to Australia before, and we didn’t know anyone. I can relate to Mary and Joseph, because they must have been tired, and nervous, and so were we.

My inspiration for my artwork came from the passage. This is how I envisioned Mary and Joseph’s journey.

I used a variety of different tools. I used pink and red paint mixed together for Mary’s lips and purple paint for Mary’s clothes. I used brown and yellow watercolour for the camels, houses, desert floor, nativity star and rocks, and again brown for Mary and Joseph's hair. Green watercolour for Joseph's clothes, dark and light blue watercolour ombre for the sky and black watercolour for depth and more rocks. Peach oil pastel for Mary and Joseph's skin, orange for the nativity star and dark blue for Mary and Joseph's eyes. White pencil to blend and black pen to outline.


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