'The Light That Opened Her Eyes' — Torah Beath

St Joseph s Bulli Year 5 Torah Beath  

'The Light That Opened Her Eyes'
Torah Beath, Year 5
St Joseph's Catholic Parish Primary School, Bulli

My artwork was inspired by The Journey to Bethlehem. I created my artwork using chalk pastels and charcoal pencils. During the journey to Bethlehem, Mary and Joseph may have felt unsure and worried about what their future held. Many people in our world today may feel uncertain, because of coronavirus or other challenging situations they are facing. Feeling anxious and scared may cause you to see your surroundings in black and white. This is reflected in the foreground of my artwork, where Mary and Joseph are seen walking in darkness along a starlit path, towards a brighter future.

When we are in darkness, we may feel there is no hope left for the future. We need to look for small signs of colour to brighten and guide our journey. The coloured cobblestones symbolise this in my drawing. Although at times life may be difficult, we need to have faith that the path life has given us is the path God wants us to be on. Mary trusted her calling and had faith that she was on the right path. If you trust and believe in your journey, it will lead you to a future filled with hope, light and happiness.

Listen to Torah's description of her artwork below...


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