'The Message From God' — Ana Perkovic

Ss Peter Paul Kiama Year 6 Ana Perkovic 

'The Message From God'
Ana Perkovic, Year 6
Ss Peter and Paul Catholic Parish Primary School, Kiama

My artwork is a painting of The Annunciation, interpreted by me. The image shows where angel Gabriel went to the Virgin Mary and told her the news of having The Son Of God, named Jesus. I was drawn to the scripture as it had an interesting and explicit storyline and it shows many emotions throughout it.

It also had an affect on me as it shows Mary’s faith, passion, and trust in God’s Word, as she believes in him. My art piece indicates Mary in neutral coloured rag type clothing, and the angel in delicate, soft white dress and wings. They are in Galilee and surrounding them are houses and huts with balanced colours and shades embracing a vivid effect. The texture shown is subtle with rich tones throughout the picture combined with added details to make everything contrast immaculately. The inspiration of my art is an old kind of style told in a modern way; realistic and complex, to capture your attention.The Message from God.

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