'Voice in the Wilderness' — Zoey Van Moolenbroek

St Johns Dapto Year 5 Zoey Van Moolenbroek 

'Voice in the Wilderness'
Zoey Van Moolenbroek, Year 5
St John's Catholic Parish Primary School, Dapto 

I created my artwork ‘Voice In The Wilderness’ based on the scripture Isaiah 40:3-5 Prepare the Way.

When you look at my artwork l want you to feel a sense of preparation and distance. Historically, before kings would make a journey they would send out people who would make sure that the journey they would undertake would be free of physical obstacles. In Isaiah’s scripture he makes the connection between how the coming of kings would be prepared for and the people preparing for the coming of Jesus - the world’s Saviour.

My artwork shows an angel knocking down the mountains to prepare the way for these significant people and celebrations. Her white hand is representing power. The rock in my piece represents the voice that cried out in the wilderness. There are also people in the distance who represent those watching in awe and amazement, as they await for their arrival.

I chose to incorporate acrylic paint and coloured pencils as my mediums, because this allowed me to create a textured look for my landscape. Using a variety of textures and shading this allowed me to create the illusion of distance and sunset. I drew inspiration from some artworks created by my Pop, who I admire as an artist.

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