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The Wollongong Diocesan Sports Council is a body representative of the Catholic Education Office, Principals and Sports Coordinators from all Diocesan primary schools. The Sports Council meets four times per year to coordinate inter-school sports activities and facilitate the representative pathways open to our students and teachers. All schools should be represented at these meetings as important decisions effecting policy and distribution of information may impact on individual school participation


Thursday 6 Feb 2 - 4 pm
Wednesday 29 April 2 - 4 pm
Thursday 23 July 2 - 4 pm
Monday 10 August 9 - 3 pm
Friday 23 October 9 - 3 pm



The Wollongong Diocesan Sports Council is a body representative of the Catholic Education Office, Principals and Sports Coordinators from all Diocesan secondary schools. The Sports Council meets five times per year to coordinate inter-school sports activities and facilitate the representative pathways open to our students and teachers. All schools should be represented at these meetings as important decisions effecting policy and distribution of information may impact on individual school participation. 

Secondary schools in the Wollongong Diocese are listed below along with invitational schools.


St Joseph's Catholic High School

Holy Spirit College
Magdalene Catholic College
St John the Evangelist Catholic High School
John Therry Catholic College
Mt Carmel Catholic College
Corpus Christi Catholic High School
St Benedict's Catholic College

St Francis Catholic College



St Patrick's College
Edmund Rice College 
St Mary Star of the Sea College



In the Diocese of Wollongong, secondary schools are invited to participate in annual carnivals for Swimming, Cross Country and Athletics.  These major events also serve as a selection process for Wollongong diocesan teams. Students may progress from school level, to Diocesan, to Combined Catholic Colleges, to NSW All Schools and ultimately national level in selected sports. Find out more

This same team selection and pathway process applies to the sports of touch (15's and Opens), football (Open's) and rugby league (15's and Opens). Other Championship days across a number of sports take place without teams being selected. Individual trials for CCC selection are ongoing throughout the year with details available on the CCC website https://csnsw.sport/

All parents must be directed to Sports Publicity and Permission page on this site, prior to their children participating in representative sport.


The following arrangements need consideration:

The suggested number of officials (parents / teachers / students) required to facilitate the running of carnivals are as follows:

  • Swimming - 28
  • Cross Country - 20
  • Athletics - 40
  • Championship Days - 1-2

Parent volunteers and teachers released from schools are essential for the smooth running and success of the carnivals. Assistance is also sought from Local Swimming Clubs, Amateur Athletics Association, Sport Specific Development Officers and University Students in supplying officials.

Casual relief for teachers to be conveners and team managers is distributed as follows:


  • 2 days for diocesan carnival - 2 days
  • 1 day each for team manager/official for diocesan teams at CCC level - 4 days


  • 3 days for diocesan carnival - 3 days
  • 1 day each for team manager/official for diocesan teams at CCC level  - 5 days


  • 3 days for diocesan carnival - 3 days
  • 1 day each for team manager/official for diocesan teams at CCC level  - 4 days


  • Coach and trainer/manager per team (15's and opens) - 4 days (if in Wagga = 8 days)
  • Tour manager, injury management  - (if in Wagga = 2 days)


  • Coach and manager per team (opens boys and girls) - 4 days (if in Sydney overnight = 8 days)


  • Coach and per team (15's and opens boys and girls) - 4 days (if in overnight = 8 days)
  • Tour manager, injury management -  1 day (if in overnight = 2 days)


  • 1 day for each carnival
  • 2 days where diocesan teams are selected

Note: At times, the NSW Combined Catholic Colleges event organisers require the Diocese to provide teacher officials.  Under these circumstances, extra teacher relief provisions may be allocated.

School teams attending carnivals need to be accompanied by a supervising teacher or approved adult official. Schools are asked to send a teacher / parent to act as an official to facilitate the running of the major carnivals in swimming, cross country and athletics.  Individual schools must make their own arrangements for teacher release. Release is only paid for teachers who are conveners of diocesan events, selection coordinators, managers of diocesan teams and officials at NSWCCC events.


  • Where managers travel, reimbursement for the use of private vehicles and related meal expenses will be covered. Overnight accommodation will be covered for team managers who travel outside the Sydney metropolitan areas such as Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie, Wagga, or Canberra/Goulburn hosted events. Any variations to the above guidelines will need to be discussed with the executive officer. Team managers will be required to complete the private vehicle travel claim form (available on CEO infopoint through the finance and administration links) and provide receipts for any meal expenses. The travel form will be submitted to the school Principal, the meal receipts to the executive officer.

  • Release will also be paid to teachers facilitating Diocesan selection trials. The length of trials will vary from sport to sport, some trials may need to run over a full day, others may only need a half day. Requirements will vary depending on the number of nominated students. There is no allocation for diocesan team managers, above that stated in the Carnival Organisation / Allocation of Release Days, to attend diocesan carnivals. Carnival/Trial convenors have the first option to manage selected diocesan teams.

  • The majority of CCC events occur in or around Sydney in 2020. The exception to this is touch which is to be held in Nelsons Bay and Rugby League which is to be held in Wagga. Team managers will need to contact the executive officer if accommodation is required in Sydney the evening prior to the event. Football (soccer) at CCC level will involve a two day carnival in 2020 and will therefore will involve accommodation for team management and players. Carnival conveners have the first option to manage selected diocesan teams, other team manager positions are by application.

  • No paid release is provided for teachers who manage their own school teams at Diocesan events.

  • To nominate for a team manager, official, or coach position for Diocesan teams/events, teachers will be required to apply online through the https://csnsw.sport/. This online process will also incorporate Principal consent. All positions where teachers are carrying out a role for the Diocese will be funded.


The number of days necessary for each diocesan team manager may vary according to the location of the event as overnight travel may be necessary. For example, If the Combined Catholic College Championships

  • are being hosted by Dioceses where a greater distance is involved such as Wagga, Lismore or Bathurst, paid relief will include a full day travel prior to the carnival and the carnival day itself.
  • are being hosted by Canberra/Goulburn, paid relief will include 1/2 day travel prior to the carnival and the carnival day itself
  • are being hosted in Sydney / Parramatta, paid relief will include 1 days release for the carnival day only

At major diocesan sporting events a teacher will be employed as a sport supervisor to monitor and supervise both student and adult behaviour outside competition areas. The sport supervisor will also be responsible for venue risk assessment and work closely with the carnival convener and executive officer of the Diocesan Sports Council.


An Affiliation fee for secondary school sport has been set by NSW Catholic Schools (NSWCS). This fee factors in all students in years 7 – 12 and is based on the August, 2019 census. 

The levy is a means of financing the activities of NSW Combined Catholic Colleges (NSWCCC) which allows the access of our students and teachers into representative teams that compete at NSWCCC, NSW All Schools and Australian levels.

It is anticipated that the fee for 2020 affiliation will be deducted by NSWCS and therefore no direct invoicing of school will occur.

There is a levy of $12.00 per student for Wollongong Diocesan events in the swimming, cross country and athletics carnivals. These costs contribute to venue hire, equipment hire, ribbons, trophies, first aid, officials, convener relief and administration. Schools will be invoiced for activities they participate in at the end of each school term. Schools and team managers will not be required to bring money to carnivals. All school levies paid to the Catholic Education Office are GST free as indicated on the invoice sent to schools.

Team Sports incur the following entry costs:



Touch, Netball, Cricket $50
Football (soccer), Football Knockout, Hockey, Volleyball, Tennis $90
Basketball $100
Basketball Referee Payments $15 for girls and boys games



Conveners hosting carnivals will be required to send any invoices directly to the CEO for payment. Schools must not pay suppliers direct unless discussed with the executive officer. These invoices must be tax invoices and clearly list:

  • The company's Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • The GST component of the total bill.

First aid providers (including St. John Ambulance) will be paid on receipt of an invoice. Payment of accredited officials (eg. NSW Athletics, NSW Swimming, approved UOW students etc) will occur only when each individual official has completed a Statement of Supplier form (These forms should be given to the Executive Officer after the carnival).

Outside providers of sporting services will be required to send an invoice for payment.


All Students who are selected in teams will receive a one-two page guide on registering for the next NSWCCC pathway event. (*note that every student who competes at NSWCCC level must register for the sport they are competing in). The guide will provide instructions on registering online, paying the carnival levy, completing any required gear orders and making a total online payment. It will also enable both the parents and school Principal to give online consent. This will mean that no money or consent forms will be required to be taken to the school office. 


Claim forms for payment of teacher release at diocesan level must be sent into the finance section at CEO. Claims should only be made where teachers are conveners of a sporting carnival/trial or are acting as a team manager of a diocesan team or as an official at a CCC event. Selection coordinators in the specific events of touch, rugby league and football will also be covered.

Claims for release at CCC level must also be sent into the finance section at CEO. Once again only conveners and team managers of CCC events or teams should claim for release. Schools are requested to have teacher claims for the sporting event processed within the next pay period as claims to NSW Catholic sporting bodies must be reconciled prior to the end of each term.


The Diocesan Sports Council in organising events will on occasions use volunteers to assist as officials at carnivals or sporting trials. Schools are also required to supply officials at Diocesan events. These officials may be parents or come from sporting associations such as NSW Swimming, NSW Athletics or sporting organisations such as the AFL, Soccer, Rugby League or Basketball. The use of university students to assist at carnivals is also applicable in this instance. In all cases volunteers must have a working with children check.

Sporting activities are enhanced by the valuable role of parents who volunteer to help in various ways. Parents and schools have high expectations of how children will be dealt with and have certain rules that must apply. Schools are encouraged to talk with parents involved as volunteers in all diocesan events and highlight the following points:

When assisting with the school students

  • always act in the best interest of children
  • take all reasonable steps to protect children

If a student misbehaves:

  • refer the problem to the teacher or a school staff member who will take appropriate action
  • always speak calmly to the student
  • Never take matters into your own hands and physically discipline a student 

Volunteers should be suitable for child-related work (it is not appropriate for a person who has been barred from working with children to volunteer).  Volunteers should treate children with respect, maintain personal boundaries and cooperate, at all times, with supervising teacher staff.


Students wishing to register for individual events in tennis, hockey, baseball, softball, golf, triathlon & rugby union MUST visit the new https://csnsw.sport/,  to register student details online. The same process will apply for students who gain selection in Wollongong teams for swimming, cross country, athletics, touch, football and rugby league. This registration process will require you to log on, receive a password then enter relevant details. Once on the website listed above click into the HELP icon for instructions on how to register.

For all individual and team sports, Wollongong athletes will participate at a NSWCCC trial or championship day.

The NSWCCC is comprised of 10 Dioceses including: 

  • Armidale
  • Bathurst
  • Broken Bay
  • Canberra/Goulburn
  • Lismore
  • Maitland/Newcastle
  • Parramatta
  • Wagga
  • Wilcannia/Forbes
  • Wollongong

The Arch Diocese of Sydney is represented by 6 Association teams including:

  • Catholic Girls Secondary Sports Association (CGSSSA)
  • Christian Brothers Sports Association (CBSA)
  • Metropolitan Catholic Schools (MCS)
  • Metropolitan Catholic Colleges (MCC)
  • Sydney Catholic Colleges (SCC)
  • Southern Sydney (SS)

Teams representing NSWCCC will compete against Independent and Government Schools sectors at the NSW All Schools selections. To facilitate the efficient organisation of such trials and to enable the best teams to be selected to represent the Wollongong Diocese, it is vital that the school sports coordinator promote events adequately and ensure that nominations are sent to the relevant convener by the proposed date.

In order to represent the Diocese at NSWCCC events, students will be required to complete an online registration PRIOR to attending the Diocesan trial or sporting event. If they are selected in the Wollongong team they will receive an email providing all details about the next event, be able to pay levies, order and pay for relevant rep gear. Parents and schools will also be able to provide consent during the process. This registration is compulsory.

All students need to be given a fair and equitable trial with equal time to display their talents. Selected teams will generally be announced on the day with the distribution of an information letter. A convener / manager may decide to announce the team at a later stage if deemed necessary.

Students selected to represent the Wollongong Diocese at the CCC sports fixtures are generally required to travel to venues using their own private transport. Where a team travels by coach all team members are required to travel with the team. Team members are required to pay a levy to cover the cost of team travel, uniform and carnival administration. All students/parents/guardians will provide consent during the online registration. Principals will also provide school consent online.  

Students representing the Wollongong Diocese are expected to behave appropriately at all times.  Any breeches of an acceptable code of conduct are treated seriously and may result in the child's exclusion from any further team selections.


Teachers holding appropriate experience and qualifications are encouraged to apply to be trial convenors, managers, coaches or selectors of the above-listed representative teams. Development officers from community clubs may be involved in team selection.

To nominate for a team managers position, official or selector teachers will be required to create an account an complete the application online through the https://csnsw.sport/

Diocesan convener, manager, official and selector positions for each year will be advertised at sports meetings to all sports coordinators who will then contact relevant staff members. Combined Catholic College positions are advertised on the https://csnsw.sport/

All applications need to be supported by respective school Principals.


  • All Diocesan sporting events will have first aid coverage from external and qualified providers. Schools are encouraged to bring their own basic first aid kits to carnivals to treat minor injuries for their own students. Injuries of a more serious nature should be referred to the first aid attendant who will be identified at the start of the day to all team managers.
  • At times, where the injury is of a more serious nature the first aid attendant will complete an accident report form and may suggest follow up consultation with a doctor or physiotherapist. A copy of this injury form will be made available to the school and executive officer.
  • If needed an ambulance may need to called to transport an injured student to hospital. School team managers/coaches should be made aware of these arrangements and make contact with the school and parent/guardian to advise of this situation.
  • Concussion. The management of sport related concussion in children (aged 5 to 12 years) and adolescents (aged 13 to 18 years) requires special paradigms suitable for the developing child. Children have physical and developmental differences - less developed neck muscles; increased head to neck ratio; and brain cells and pathways that are still developing. Children and adolescents may have greater susceptibility to concussion, they may also take longer to recover and they may be at risk of severe consequences such as second impact syndrome. Managing concussion in children and adolescents therefore requires different standards and a more conservative approach. Children typically take longer to recover from concussion than adults (up to four weeks).
  • Any athlete with a suspected concussion should be IMMEDIATELY REMOVED FROM PLAY, and should not be returned to activity until they are assessed medically. Athletes with a suspected concussion should not be left alone and should not drive a motor vehicle. It is recommended that, in all cases of suspected concussion, the player is referred to a medical professional for diagnosis and guidance as well as return to play decisions, even if the symptoms resolve.
  • The Wollongong Diocese has liability insurance for student accidents through the Catholic Church Insurance (CCI) and can provide some cover for the cost of any hospital treatment or other benefit if cost arises from an injury while engaging in a sporting activity as part of a school team. Please note that CCI is not a registered health fund and cannot pay all medical expenses.
  • Parents can also make contact with their school office if they have questions around this claim process.
  • The following links will provide you with some information around the School Care policy and the process for making a claim

School Care Insurance Information Sheet

CCI student claim form. *Please note that all claims can be made online through the CCI website




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