iPads in Schools — Innovate. Educate. Inspire.

During the past decade, and particularly the last five years, our society and how children learn has evolved. How we communicate and function in the world has changed and will continue to do so at a rapid rate. Students’ ability to find, evaluate and create information is enhanced through connecting with the world beyond the classroom. Through portable technology, mobile learning is possible anywhere and everywhere, expanding the classroom beyond the bricks and mortar of school buildings.

Catholic Education Diocese of Wollongong (CEDoW) is striving to provide contemporary quality learning environments for students through the integration of technology across all Key Learning Areas. As part of this process we are implementing a 1:1 iPad Program. iPads will be used in a range of learning spaces allowing students the opportunity to achieve desired learning outcomes in ways that are not always possible using traditional methods.

CEDoW has a strong view on the importance of technology in the role of the education of its students. We see this as one of a number of key ingredients that support students in the learning process.

The provision of a technologically rich environment allows teachers to access a greater variety of tools to enhance their teaching. It supports our key educational aim of developing innovative and engaging teaching strategies to facilitate authentic learning for our students. In order to ensure seamless integration of technology into the curriculum - while maintaining a cost-effective and efficient program for the school - careful consideration is given to the most appropriate device model for student learning.


Education Officer - Learning Technologies
School Improvement - PRIMARY 
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Education Officer - Learning Technologies
School Improvement - SECONDARY 
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