Vince Villa Trophy 2018

22nd Annual CDF Sports Awards 2018 | Vince Villa Trophy 2018

Posted 17 December 2018 by Catholic Education in 22nd Annual CDF Sports Awards 2018

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Vince’s work in Catholic Education in the Diocese of Wollongong was in the capacity of a Secondary Principal and Senior Secondary Consultant. Vince’s commitment, his industry and organisational skills, his sense of justice and his mischievous sense of humor reflected his great faith and zest for life.

All schools and staff of the Diocese have benefited from his experience which helped shape the wise advice and practical strategies which Vince was ever ready to supply where requested or needed.

Vince was a most inspirational and progressive figure in both New South Wales and Wollongong Secondary Catholic School Sport. He had a passion for sport and as president of the NSWCCC Sport Association he achieved great things in establishing fair and equitable opportunities for all. His dedication at the Diocesan level also provided solid structures and pathways for all students in our Diocese.

It is indeed fitting that the champion secondary school this year will be awarded the Vince Villa Trophy.

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