INTERACTIVE VIRTUAL TOUR WITH AUDIO: 2020 Christmas Story Art Exhibition

INTERACTIVE WITH AUDIO: Explore our Christmas Story Art Exhibition 2020 – view our top 52 students' artworks as displayed at the Wollongong Art Gallery. Take a look around the 360° space below* and select students' artworks from the display to view each artwork in closer detail and hear audio from the artist describing their artwork for you.

Please note: Students' audio descriptions can be found in Scene 1 ONLY. (Scenes 2–4 are for different visual angles of the exhibition artworks only.)


For the full interactive experience, please turn SOUND ON and click on the microphone icons near each student's artwork in the window below.

*Press play in the window above and take a look around our 360° gallery scene by either swiping around the space (mobile/tablet) or clicking and dragging your mouse around the space (computer). Click on the icons to see and hear more about each student's artwork (SOUND ON!) – yellow icons are the major award-winning artworks; green icons are finalist artworks. Click on the red pin icons to view the gallery from that location/angle (then click on the red cross icon or the white home icon to return to the original view with audio).