Christmas Story Art Resources

"We ask our students to take a blank piece of canvas... and make it speak of God"

The Christmas Art Competition gives our Years 5 and 6 students the opportunity to be engaged in the process of theological reflection. Through the process of ‘breaking open’ Scripture, students bring their understanding of the Scriptures of Advent and Christmas to artistic expression. They illustrate their understanding of the themes of our faith story through art.

The Scripture passages are taken directly from the Primary Religious Education Curriculum in Years 5 and 6 Advent and Christmas units.

The artistic aspects, skills and appreciation, relate to the Primary Creative Arts – Visual Arts Syllabus.

Christmas Story artWORKS From previous years 

View our Christmas Story Art virtual gallery here to explore our latest exhibition artworks – including hearing audio of the students describing their pieces. 

See also, a collation of CEDoW students' winning entries – both their artwork and accompanying explanations – from previous years of the Sydney Archdiocese Christmas Art Competition & Exhibition.


Scripture passages

The subject matter is drawn from the Religious Education curriculum and includes additional verses from the Gospel of Matthew. See the full text of the below Scripture passages here

Please note: Throughout the supplied resources various translations of the Scripture passages have been used, mostly NRSV (New Revised Standard Version). Schools are encouraged to use a translation of the Bible normally used within their school community that both students and teachers are familiar and confident with. 



‘Journey to Bethlehem’
Luke 2:3-5

Prepare the Way’ 
Isaiah 40:3-5

The Birth of Jesus & the Visit of the Shepherds’
Luke 2:9-14

The Birth of Jesus and Visit of the Magi’
Matthew 1:18-25, Matthew 2:9-12

Journey to Bethlehem’ 
Luke 2:3-5

The Annunciation’ 
Luke 1:26-36

The Flight to Egypt’ 
Matthew 2:13-15

The Birth of Jesus and Visit of the Magi’ 
Matthew 1:18-25, Matthew 2:9-12 

This year the judges are again looking for artworks that reflect an understanding and interpretation of one of the Scripture verses, that also includes authentic imagery from the time of Jesus.

View a sample of photographs and images of the Holy Land here


Instructional Videos

View our series of instructional videos to help guide students in their artistic processes for their Christmas Story Art entry.

View instructional videos here


Explanation Text to accompany your artwork

Each artwork requires a title and brief explanation (maximum of 200 words) to written by the students.

Some prompts/questions to guide the composition of students' written reflection/explanatory text:

  • SUBJECT MATTER – Identify your chosen Scripture passage. Describe the subject matter of your artwork.
  • PERSONAL – How does your choice of subject manner relate to your family, culture, an event or experience in your life?
  • SCRIPTURAL – In what ways does your chosen Scripture deepen your faith, stimulate your imagination or lead your reflection and prayer?
  • ARTISTIC – Is your artwork an appropriation of, or inspired by another artist's work, or your original work? What is your style, media and intention?

View our interactive Christmas Story Art virtual gallery to explore last year's CEDoW exhibition and hear audio of each student's artwork description. 

See also, examples of accompanying explanations in this collation of CEDoW students' winning entries from previous years of the Sydney Archdiocese Christmas Art Competition & Exhibition.



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