'First the Receive the Message' — Sara Puse

St Clares Narellan Vale Year 5 Sara Puse 

'First the Receive the Message'
Sara Puse, Year 5
St Clare's Catholic Parish Primary School, Narellan Vale 

In my documented form I chose to create a sculpture depicting the nativity scene where the shepherds visit Jesus in the manger. In Luke 2:8-20, Luke talks about how intrigued the shepherds were to see the King. The shepherds were considered the lowliest people in society - yet, they were the first to be given the message about Jesus. When the three wise men, who were highly regarded in their society, came to visit Jesus, they brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. Jesus did not need that. All that he required was humble, caring people to give Him the gift of love and acceptance, just like the shepherds.

I chose to use bland white clay to represent how you do not need to look interesting or pretty to impress Jesus, as long as you have a humble heart and love God inside, Jesus will always love you.

My clay sculpture relates to my life because after my birth when my brothers and dad came to visit me in the hospital, they did not bring gifts or fancy possessions. They just brought themselves with hearts full of instant love, which was all that I really needed, and all that Jesus really needed from the shepherds.

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