'Forever' — Nadia Harris

St Pius X Unanderra Year 6 Nadia Harris 

Nadia Harris, Year 6
St Pius X Catholic Parish Primary School, Unanderra

The scripture passage that I chose was ‘The Birth of Jesus and Visit of the Magi’. In my artwork, ‘Forever’, the three magi are visiting Jesus, our King. The magi are outside the stable holding the gifts: gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

I named my artwork ‘Forever’ because Jesus will forever be in our hearts. I also named this for my grandmother, as she will be forever in my heart. My ultimate inspiration was my grandmother. Her death impacted me heavily and I wasn’t doing well in school or talking as much as I usually do. I wasn’t me. It has been a long journey, just like Mary and Joseph’s journey. This artwork helped me process and face my grandmother's death. I chose this scripture because, like the Magi visiting Jesus, I would visit my grandmother with hope.

The medium I used for my artwork is coloured pencils. I paid a lot of attention to each aspect of my drawing, making sure each colour is well blended. Each of the magi represents something different based on the colour of their robes. Red=courage. Purple=power. Pink=love. These three traits represent my own strengths.

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