'The Road to Bethlehem' — Sophia Chapman

St Pius X Unanderra Year 6 Sophia Chapman 

'The Road to Bethlehem'
Sophia Chapman, Year 6
St Pius X Catholic Parish Primary School, Unanderra

My artwork is a representation of “The Journey to Bethlehem”. I imagine Joseph and Mary travelling through the scorching, rocky mountain range with Mary heavily pregnant. She would have been struggling throughout the five-day, ninety-mile journey to Bethlehem. Though it was to be long and painful they knew that once they reached their destination, they would be rewarded with the birth of baby Jesus. This arduous journey inspired me to realise that I should never give up because life is full of challenges that make us stronger.

I used graphite pencils, a kneaded eraser to lighten certain parts and a blending stump and cotton bud to blend. I chose to use monotone colours as it depicts the mood of the harsh mountain ranges and the challenges faced as they trekked towards Bethlehem.

I enjoy drawing landscapes as it captures different aspects of nature around the world and this style suits my creative skills and is where I feel most confident. The landscape depicts the road ahead from Mary and Joseph’s perspective. What they see is the long journey ahead, but they still have a flicker of hope.

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