'The Christmas Star' — Digby Griffiths

Ss Peter Paul Kiama Year 5 Digby Griffiths 

'The Christmas Star'
Digby Griffiths, Year 5
Ss Peter and Paul Catholic Parish Primary School, Kiama 

My painting “The Christmas Star” was inspired by the scripture story of the “Birth of Jesus and the visit of the Magi” (Matthew 2:9-12). The star appears in the nativity story as the Magi travel to Bethlehem. God guided these wise men, as He guides us in life. I turn to God when I have done something wrong, and God guides me to be a better person.

I relate to the Magi travelling to Bethlehem, as my family travelled around Australia. We had lived in Alice Springs most of my life. We left to find a new home. God was with us on our journey and He guided us to Kiama.

The technique I chose to paint “The Christmas Star” was inspired by an artist named Alma Thomas. Alma creates a central focus and then uses different colours to paint around the outside by continuing a rectangle pattern. I chose a star to be the centre of my artwork and this is symbolic of God being central to my heart.

This star reminds me that God guides and protects me. I trust that God will always be there to support me.

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