'Looking Through To A World Of Hope - Perplex' — Elsie White

St Thomas Aquinas Bowral Year 6 Elsie White  

'Looking Through To A World Of Hope - Perplex'
Elsie White, Year 6
St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Parish Primary School, Bowral

My artwork reflects Luke 2:3-5 ‘Journey to Bethlehem’. This powerful passage made me reflect on the importance of hope and the journey every person follows, with this year’s global pandemic. Mary and Joseph faced many challenges on their journey to Bethlehem, but always followed the light of hope.

I enjoyed using washi tape and applying paint with the end of a toothpick onto the perspex to create a modern version of my Parish Church’s stained-glass windows. The light comes through from behind, showing the light of hope shining brightly.

Each part of the window represents parts of the journey to Bethlehem. The black dots reflect the steps of Mary and Joseph as they headed towards the star. The shades of colours in the raised paint reflect the vast landscape. At every stage a bright tone shows the sign of hope that we must all find in our lives. The three hands at the top symbolise the connection between the story of Mary, Joseph and myself.

I used newspaper headlines from this year’s stories of hope. These connect the passage with my world today and we remember that God guides us as we follow the light of hope.

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