'Guiding Star' — Hannah Shortland

Holy Family Ingleburn Year 6 Hannah Shortland 

'Guiding Star'
Hannah Shortland, Year 6
Holy Family Catholic Parish Primary School, Ingleburn

My artwork is based on the Scripture passage Matthew 2:9-12. This passage describes the Magi following the star to the stable where Jesus was born. The Magi were happy to see Mary and the new child and give them gifts.

My painting shows the star shining brightly over Bethlehem and the stable where Jesus was born. The Magi are at a distance kneeling down looking at the star. They are overwhelmed with happiness and awe because they know they have almost reached Jesus. They are also showing a sign of respect by kneeling down.

The Christmas story makes me appreciate how precious new life is and how awesome and joyful the birth of Jesus was. My chosen scripture makes me understand why we give gifts at Christmas time like the Magi did.

I was inspired by a Christmas card with an image of the Magi by Justice May. Instead of painting a very dark night sky, I used warm colours because they make us feel happy and hopeful. Red, orange and yellow symbolise love and joy, which are the gifts Jesus brought us. The star is especially bright to symbolise the hope we find in Jesus.

Listen to Hannah's description of her artwork below...


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