'Guardian Angel' - Emily King, Year 6 St Michael's Mittagong

St Michael s Mittagong Year 6 Emily King

Guardian Angel
Emily King

St Michael’s Catholic Primary School, Mittagong 
Year 6

The Annunciation (Luke 1:26-36) has inspired my artwork . My family are my guardian angels, they guide me through tough times, support my decisions, are proud of me and love me.  Angel Gabriel is Mary’s guardian angel, continually helping and guiding her. The tree symbolises Mary’s self growth and depicts how she becomes stronger in her journey. The branches demonstrate the many directions of life and faithfulness in God. The tree is yet to bloom, as the best and happiest times are still to come in Mary’s life. The vase represents strength, holding itself together while  symbolising how fragile life can be. 

The wavy lines represent Mary’s journey - both the hard and joyous moments in life. The circle detail symbolises no beginning and no end; love, compassion, strength and support forever. The woven basket symbolises Mary’s tight connections and love with her family. The vivid colours of the sunset represent Mary’s beauty and emotions she felt throughout her journey. The shadows represent the bravery Mary showed on the outside, but inside there is fear and anxiety.  I chose watercolour pencils and paint because they have a soft quality and shade well. All the strokes represent the many emotions Mary felt when Angel Gabriel came to share the news.  May the guardians of your life give you strength. 
St Michael s Mittagong Year 6 Emily King2

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