'Life’s Journey' - Jessica James, Year 6 St Francis Edmondson Park

St Francis Edmondson Park Year 6 Jessica James

Life’s Journey
Jessica James
St Francis Catholic College, Edmondson Park 
Year 6

In Matthew 2: 13-15, Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus are fleeing to Egypt. My artwork depicts Mary holding Jesus as an infant on a donkey, whilst Joseph walks in front. I included an Angel above to represent that God is always showering his love, guidance and protection over us. When reading this passage, I felt a deep connection between Mary and Joseph’s flight when I seriously injured my ear at a young age. When I was hurt, my parents did not know what was going to happen and had to lay the situation in God’s hands. 

Reflecting on the Scripture, my faith has deepened because I know, even though there may be many bumps on life’s journey, I can always hand my life to God and be confident. When searching for inspiration, I came across many artworks showing scenes of this journey. I saw works with soft colours and these sparked my creativity. Many of these used watercolour, however I wanted to use oil pastel. I developed a smudging technique that was suitable for creating soft tone on the artwork and am pleased with the result.

St Francis Edmondson Park Year 6 Jessica James2

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