'The Shining Light of Glory' - Makayla McAteer, Year 5 St Clare's Narellan Vale

St Clare s Narellan Vale Year 5 Makayla McAteer

2022 Year 5 Highly Commended

The Shining Light of Glory
Makayla McAteer

St Clare’s Catholic Primary School, Narellan Vale 
Year 5

I chose to create a mosaic based on the passage Matthew 2: 9-12, ‘Visit of the Magi’, focusing on ‘the star they had seen in the East’. The light coming from the star and shining on Mary and Jesus in my mosaic has the effect of glowing through the use of thicker tiles to make the light stand out, symbolising the importance,  glory and happiness about the birth of Jesus. 

When I found out my mum was having a baby and I was becoming a big sister, joy filled my heart, like joy filled Mary’s, and I knew it was one of the happiest moments of my life. I chose to do a peach coloured and vibrant background to show the sweet and loving moment for Joseph and Mary as well as the anticipation and excitement of the moment for the Magi. My technique for my mosaic was to cut the tiles smaller so they could fill the gaps and they could fit together as harmoniously as possible. A mosaic will never be flawless but nor was the birth of Jesus. I decided to put a mirror tile into my artwork so when you look at it you see your reflection. In this moment you feel like you are a part of it, you feel like you were there when Jesus was born and are reminded that Jesus is in our life. I was inspired to do a mosaic by my teacher Ms Bond. She opened up many different art forms but I found the tiles created a magical image. This was the happiest moment for Mary and Joseph and I wanted to show that in my way.

St Clare s Narellan Vale Year 5 Makayla McAteer2

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