'A Long Journey Ahead' - Finn Bradley, Year 6 St Mary's Milton

St Mary s Milton Year 6 Finn Bradley

A Long Journey Ahead
Finn Bradley

St Mary’s Star Of The Sea Catholic Primary School, Milton
Year 6

My artwork illustrates Luke 1:26-36 and represents the Angel Gabriel descending from heaven to inform Mary that she will have a baby, named Jesus. I wanted to use a number of mixed mediums; graphite, colour pencil and  oil pastels so I chose all of them. I have overlapped Mary’s face when she saw the angel appear. She was scared, anxious, and nervous, I was also trying to incorporate a look of disbelief in her eyes. Mary’s face has a glowing orange overlay in water colours to increase the look of anxiety, the same way we look when we are unsure or scared. With a yellow tinge hanging over the Angel Gabriel it gives a hint of hope and joy to the artwork. 

Mary’s house in Galilee is in the centre-frame foreground, as this is the destination that Gabriel was heading to. The sun rising in the background symbolises the new beginning for the world. To tie my drawing together I decided to place a large mountain range in the foreground that shows Mary’s long journey to Bethlehem ahead. The different mediums and bright and darker colours let the important parts of my drawings stand out from the others and catch the eye.

St Mary s Milton Year 6 Finn Bradley2

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