'Through the Vision of These Eyes' - Evelyn Poppleton, Yesra 6 St Clare's Narellan Vale

St Clare s Narellan Vale Year 6 Evelyn Poppleton


Through the Vision of These Eyes
Evelyn Poppleton

St Clare’s Catholic Primary School, Narellan Vale 
Year 6

The rough road beneath their feet and the tedious trip that lasted for days on end was the exhausting journey to Bethlehem for Mary and Joseph. I feel my artwork connects effectively with the passage Luke 2:3-5 as it depicts their journey and  the urgency to find a safe place to stay. With the placement of the hands, when viewing my artwork, the observer is able to see themselves as being present at the birth of Christ. This represents that Jesus is a part of all of us and his presence is here forever.  

When I look out of my window, I’m amazed at God’s creation and the colours that make up our amazing world. It makes me contemplate who I am and the lessons he taught to make the world harmonious. It began at the significant birth of Jesus with the knowledge that the world as we know it today could be very different if he wasn’t born. This is emphasised through the setting sun and the urgency to find safety. I created my artwork using colour pencils and the techniques I used were shading, blending and showing where the light is affecting different areas creating highlights and shadow.  This makes my artwork appear realistic and life-like and not just a drawing.

St Clare s Narellan Vale Year 6 Evelyn Poppleton2

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