'The Guiding Star' - Lauren Foster, Year 6 St Columbkille's Corrimal

St Columbkille s Corrimal Year 6 Lauren Foster

The Guiding Star
Lauren Foster
St Columbkille’s Catholic Primary School, Corrimal
Year 6

In my artwork, I have used acrylic paint for my background to capture the light of God reflecting from the star of Bethlehem. The bright colours hold significance in many cultures as a symbol of joy and happiness. I have used purple to represent royalty and pink to signify love and friendship, orange represents courage, while yellow represents optimism and happiness. These are all qualities that I believe the wise men showed during their journey to find the baby. These are qualities I wish to have in my own life.

I created my artwork using textured symbolic images to represent the scripture of ‘The Visit of the Magi.’ I have depicted the three crowns of the Magi and their gifts. Baby Jesus and his mother Mary are set in the bright light of God’s love and the joy felt by the Magi. Like the Magi, I feel joy when I offer my gifts to Jesus and share them with others. The main image is the star of Bethlehem shining its guiding light. The bright star is a sign of God’s love for the world and its people and signifies the importance of Jesus in my life.

St Columbkilles Corrimal Year 6 Lauren Foster2

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